About Dr. B

As a somewhat shy and introverted young girl growing up in Louisiana, Brittney Barton was always drawn to animals and the unconditional love and affection they offered. She grew up dreaming of being a doctor, a pharmacist, a forensics pathologist (yes, really….), or maybe a physical therapist.  But after working at her family’s veterinary office, she realized her true calling.

Dr. B attended Northeast Louisiana University (now University of Louisiana-Monroe) for under graduate studies in Biology and received her doctorate of veterinary medicine at Louisiana State University. She is also certified in animal acupuncture through the Medical Acupuncture for Veterinarians course. This intensive course, located in Fort Collins, CO, focuses on the scientific basis and application of acupuncture therapy for pets.

Dr. B has practiced veterinary medicine in Dallas, Texas for over 10 years.  She serves as a member of the American Veterinary Dental Society, the American Academy of Veterinary Acupuncture, the American VMA, Texas VMA, Dallas County VMA, and Capitol Area Veterinary Medical Association.
Her special medical interests include: senior pet care, pain management, internal medicine, dentistry, integrative therapies, and client education.  She also donates her time and skills to animal rescue organizations in the Dallas area.

Dr. B is the founder of Pickle Productions, PC (affectionately named for her first pet, a three-legged Dalmatian), created to further facilitate creation of original media to share pet care tips and information. 

Dr. Barton and her husband Todd share their lives with their super-awesome children, Alexis, Cohen, and Barrett.  Her “furry” family members are Joseph (the Goldendoodle) and Scrat the cat.

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